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Workforce Retention

69% of employees are stressed over their finances,
costing their companies approximately $2,000 per employee

How can my business benefit from LifeSpan’s workforce retention services?

LifeSpan’s team will work with you to develop a coordinated package of workshops, individual coaching, and related resources that address your business’ needs.  LifeSpan customizes our activities to address the unique needs of your workforce, provided onsite at your workplace.  Let us talk to you about improving your employee engagement and retention; contact Mary Day, Coaching and Financial Wellness Manager.

Having LifeSpan’s services available in your workplace means your employees can address the distractions of money and life worries without having to take time away from their job.

Examples of issues that impact employee productivity:

    • Relationships and conflict
    • Childcare and parenting
    • Budgeting and financial concerns
    • Anxiety
    • Basic needs (food, housing, etc.)
    • Education
    • Work performance
    • Behavioral health and substance abuse

Employees bring their financial stress to work with them in the form of lost productivity.  72% of employees admitted to worrying about personal finances while at work, with 33% doing so more than once per week.


Wellness in the Workplace

Hannah was stressed, feeling hopeless and helpless due to her mother’s new debilitating medical condition. She went to her office’s Human Resource department with every intention of needing to quit her job and help with her mother full-time.

As an expert specialist in her field, the loss to Hannah’s company would be devastating for both time and financial cost.

Hannah was sent to LifeSpan’s on-site Life Coach; where she received referrals to multiple community organizations, began receiving services for her mother, and was able to continue working full-time.


Everyone could benefit from meeting with a financial coach. Especially those who want to:
  • get better control of your finances
  • learn what choices impact your credit score
  • learn how your credit score impacts other expenses
  • stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • stop borrowing from your retirement account
  • avoid using payday or title loans
  • pay down balances on your credit cards
  • get student loans out of default
  • avoid garnishment for child support
  • prepare for a life-changing event such as marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, new job or job loss
  • get ready to transition into retirement

Coaching and Financial Wellness Manager

Mary Day

Mary Day has been with LifeSpan since 2017. She graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. Mary has experience as a seasoned leader of advocates and other professionals. She leads AARP’s BankSafe initiative in Ohio, partnering with financial institutions to equip frontline staff to prevent senior financial exploitation. In her free time, Mary enjoys volunteering for local animal rescue organizations as a foster “parent”.

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