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Workplace Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness in the Workplace

As a single mom with an 11-year-old, son, Melissa is happy to see the impact her new relationship with money is having on her family.

“Before meeting with [the financial coach], I had a paycheck and ‘poof’ it was gone. I had no idea where it was going. [The financial coach] gave me strategies I can work with.”

The biggest surprise: just how empowered I am with my money.

Now if an expense comes up, I have a plan! I have an idea of what flexibility I have in my spending plan. It gives me more ownership of my money. Even my son understands that purchases have to become part of the spending plan. Last year she and her son even built a vacation into the spending plan.

When asked why someone should meet with a financial coach, Melissa was quick to respond, “They can help you get your finances on track!”

Can my employees benefit from financial wellness?

LifeSpan starts by offering your employees a confidential financial check-up. Employees identify their financial strengths and areas where they can build skills and habits that support their financial stability and goals.

The collective results of the confidential financial check-up will reveal financial topics of greatest interest and need within your workforce. LifeSpan Coaching and Financial Wellness will work with you to develop a coordinated package of financial coaching, workshops and related resources that address these needs.

16% of employees surveyed report spending more than 20 hours
each month worrying about money


Having LifeSpan’s certified consumer credit counselor available in your workplace means your employees can address the distractions of money worries without having to take time away from the office, their family, and other commitments.

Employers that invest in all aspects of employee wellness report that their engaged, thriving employees are 64% more productive, have 46% fewer unhealthy days from physical or mental illness and are 43% less likely to be diagnosed with anxiety or depression.

How LifeSpan can help

LifeSpan customizes our financial wellness activities to address the unique needs of your employees, provided onsite at your workplace so that even busy parents can participate. There’s no need to arrange additional childcare or transportation.

LifeSpan financial workshops supplement financial coaching with tools and skills to help your employees understand and take charge of their finances. LifeSpan tailors our workshops to address the needs of your employees. Our most popular financial topics are listed below.

  • Getting a Grip on Spending
  • Making the Most of Employee Benefits
  • Transitioning into Retirement
  • Credit Reports 101
  • Understanding Credit and Debt
  • Saving with Coupons & Apps

LifeSpan brings our classes to your workplace, where your employees can participate with ease. Each workshop lasts approximately one hour and includes resources for participants to apply what they learn in class. Optimum class size is between 10 and 25 participants.


Everyone could benefit from meeting with a financial coach. Especially those who want to:
  • get better control of your finances
  • learn what choices impact your credit score
  • learn how your credit score impacts other expenses
  • stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • stop borrowing from your retirement account
  • avoid using payday or title loans
  • pay down balances on your credit cards
  • get student loans out of default
  • avoid garnishment for child support
  • prepare for a life-changing event such as marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, new job or job loss
  • get ready to transition into retirement

Coaching and Financial Wellness Manager

Mary Day

Mary Day has been with LifeSpan since 2017. She graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. Mary has experience as a seasoned leader of advocates and other professionals. She leads AARP’s BankSafe initiative in Ohio, partnering with financial institutions to equip frontline staff to prevent senior financial exploitation. In her free time, Mary enjoys volunteering for local animal rescue organizations as a foster “parent”.

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