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Welcome to In the Loop with LifeSpan!

It is hard to stay in the loop these days. Politics, sports teams, Hollywood gossip. And let’s face it. How can anyone define the loop, let alone stay in it, when so many times we can’t agree on something as simple as the weather? However, in all of the chaos and disorganization we may find ourselves in, we can learn a lot about ourselves in the loops we come across in our everyday lives.

As children, we find self-determination in the loop of a shoestring, learning to tie through song and rhyme. As teenagers, we may find accomplishment in the loop of our tassels as we move them from the right side to the left of our graduation caps, inspired to change the world. We may find courage in the loop of a fastened belt as we prepare for our very first job interviews. Some of us may find commitment in the loop of our wedding bands. We may find excitement in the loops of keyrings that will open doors to our newly purchased homes. Over time, we may find selflessness and unconditional love in the loop of our children’s teething rings and choo-choo train tracks. And near the end of our journey, we will find self-reflection in the loop of a signature, solidifying our final wishes.

If we are lucky, these loops will teach us something. If we are even luckier, we will stumble across second chances in the unexpected loopholes along the way.

We invite you to join us in our new venture, In the Loop with LifeSpan. LifeSpan strives to highlight our commonalities while celebrating our differences throughout our community, and we trust that this blog will be an extension of that mission.

Regardless of whether you feel in the loop or perhaps out of it like our name suggests, LifeSpan strives to meet you where you are at, serving people at all points in the span of life.

So, hop on the LifeSpan rollercoaster. Let’s experience the highs, the lows, the sudden drops, and of course, the loops, together.