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Wayne’s Journey – A True Success Story

The following story is being told of Wayne, a Representative Payee client.

Wayne has been with our Representative Payee program since 2006. Over the past years, we have been so impressed with his progress. He has retained custody of his three children; he has two boys and a girl ranging in age from 13 to 18. His three children are receiving Social Security benefits through him and are also LifeSpan clients.

With working with his Payee, Wayne has now maintained a home and steady residence since May 2013. He has had no issues with his residence or problems with his landlord, with his Payee paying his rent on time each month. This has allowed him to provide a stable environment for his children and the court has ruled him as the custodial parent. Having a stable, secure home is a key element in maintaining his custodial rights.

Wayne previously had a drug trafficking offense in 2011. Since then, monthly payments have been made toward his court fines through his Payee services and, as of May 2014, his court fines have been paid off; and he has not encountered any new offenses. This also bodes well for Wayne in his position as a custodial parent and allows him to have another $50 available in his account for his expenses each month.

Timely utility payments have been made each month; as a result, he received a generous refund of his initial deposit. Having a Rep Payee has enabled him to have the timely payments made on his behalf which resulted in a nice refund from the City of Hamilton.

Wayne receives small weekly spending checks which he picks up at the LifeSpan office each week. When he has a need for an extra check for household items or clothing for the kids or school fees, he lets his Payee know of that need. The need is assessed based on his budget and savings and the appropriate funds are given when appropriate. This has allowed Wayne to maintain some savings here in his LifeSpan account to be drawn from when emergencies occur. Without this system of checks and balances, Wayne would have difficulty coming up with money when it was needed as the funds would be spent as they were received.

Wayne does not read and only writes his name. His Payee met with him this week as he had a Disability Review form which was needed by Social Security in order to continue his disability payments. His Payee went over the questions verbally and wrote his answers on the form. The Payee then filed the form for him so that there would be no interruption in his benefits.

Wayne suffers from Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Paranoia, Diabetes, and Asthma. However, despite his physical and mental challenges, he is successfully living in the community and maintaining a residence for his children. He is a true success story and his Payee services have been an integral part of his success.


*The name of our client has been changed to protect his identity.


LifeSpan’s Representative Payees provide financial peace of mind for hundreds of clients in the state of Ohio, regardless of their county of residence. Our clients live a more stable and worry-free life with all their bills prioritized and paid on time for them, and money is budgeted and issued to the client each week for their personal spending. By making our clients’ needs a priority, we make their lives happier and more manageable.

Katie Furniss, MSW, LSW

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