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Todd’s Wine and Music

 Some may say the best celebrations include good music, good wine, and good company. Our client Todd would completely agree.

“I think all of the time that I’ve had such a wonderful life,” Todd reminisced. His life, however, had a challenging start.

“When I was five years old, I went to sleep like any other night,” Todd said. “And the next morning, I couldn’t get out of bed.” Paralyzed from the neck down, Todd was rushed to the hospital where he would spend the next six months being treated for polio. To this day, Todd has paralysis on his left side. But even with this rough beginning, Todd beat the odds and learned to go with the flow: the flow of music and wine. 

While growing up, Todd worked at his dad’s auto parts store where local musicians would hang out. He was given the opportunity to watch their recording sessions and developed a passion for music, specifically soul and R&B, and would learn to express this love through the drums. He continued this passion by touring the country from 1962 to 1967, yet it wasn’t until he found himself at a hole in the wall bar in Burlington, Iowa just shy of closing time that he came to a fork in the road.

“I asked myself, ‘what in the world am I doing?’” Todd laughed, remembering playing his final show to a crowd of four or five drunk people who were just not ready, or sober enough, to go home. As much as Todd loved music, he knew that music as a career had run its course, and he needed a change.

He decided to try a different route and so, to try his hand at something new, he purchased a bar just outside of Hamilton. After a couple years he transitioned from bar owner to wine distributor when he dropped everything and traveled from Hamilton to California with the dream of starting his own company. This risk led to 30 plus years in the wine industry, representing 150 wineries around the world. During this time he was fortunate enough to travel internationally including to France, Italy, and Germany.

He attributes his success as a salesman to both connections and loving your product. His favorite wine is “anything anyone wants to drink”.

“I never tried to be a connoisseur,” he adds, “but a salesman. There is a difference.”

If the best celebrations include good music, good wine, and good company, you could say Todd’s life has been one of the best ones.


Thank you for joining us for the fifth installment of our new venture, In the Loop with LifeSpan. LifeSpan strives to highlight our commonalities while celebrating our differences throughout our community, and we trust that this blog will be an extension of that mission.

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