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Student Loan Counseling

Take control of your student loan debt

A LifeSpan Financial Counselor will review your individual situation and give you options so that you can make the best financial decision for you and your family. Do you want to postpone payment, reduce payments, consolidate loans or follow the typical 10-year repayment plan?

A LifeSpan Financial Counselor will work with you to:

  • Develop a customized budget for managing your money and expenses.
  • Determine if you qualify for a student loan repayment program to lower your monthly payment.
  • Help you understand your student loan repayment options.
  • Develop a customized action plan for your future success.


Our fee to assist you with getting on track with your student loan debt is $35.

What kind of student loan do you have? Learn more about your loan type and status by visiting the National Student Loan Database System for Students.


83% of our student loan clients saw their monthly payments reduced

There are many ways to pay down student loan debt. Your financial coach will look at your entire financial picture; not just your student loan debt. We have done the research and your coach will take the time to explain all your options. Tiffani Jackson, a financial coach, is a nationally Certified Student Loan Counselor.
Because we are familiar with all the payment plans, it is possible that your coach will be able to save you money. What is most important is that you make the right choice for you in your circumstances.
You and your financial coach together will review your budget, assets and liabilities and your credit report. What you earn and where you work also play a part in helping you decide the best payment plan for you. Once you have gathered all this information your coach will work with you to decide your best option.
LifeSpan has done the research. A LifeSpan Financial Counselor will help you make an informed decision about your repayment options that includes looking at your entire financial situation.

Financial Counseling and Education Program Manager

Mary Day

Mary applies her passion for empowering others to leading and engaging her team of skilled financial counselors and educators in our mission to strengthen families and individuals who seek to improve the quality of their lives. As a seasoned advocate for older individuals, Mary leads AARP’s BankSafe initiative in Ohio, partnering with financial institutions to equip frontline staff to prevent senior financial exploitation and scams. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering for local animal rescue organizations as a foster “parent”.

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