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LifeSpan Paves the Road to Success

LifeSpan Paves the Road to Success

Hamilton, OH (September 8, 2017) – Robert McClellan, of Hamilton, Ohio, has purchased his first car with help from LifeSpan’s Steering for Success program. McClellan purchased his 2009 Chevrolet Malibu from Rose Automotive with the assistance and guidance of his Financial Coach, Tiffani Jackson, CCCC, CSLC.

“This program is not just an investment in a person’s life but it is ultimately an investment in the future of Hamilton and Butler County because of the doors it opens for people to fulfill their destinies,” said McClellan.

McClellan is active in many different community organizations including 17 Strong Advisory Board, Hamilton! Civic Society, Hamilton Vision Commission 2020, to name a few. Without the transportation “I cannot do any of those things for our community.” He is also in the process of opening a non-profit community café and deli, Kings Corner, in downtown Hamilton.

Tiffani Jackson, CCCC, CSLC, Steering for Success Financial Coach, assisted McClellan throughout the entire process of purchasing his car and continues to provide financial coaching and help.
“I am a proud financial coach”, said Jackson. “Any financial goal we created together he has already accomplished or is making great strides towards achieving. Robert is a real go getter!”

“People [entering this program after me] can come from many different backgrounds and without the opportunity to be successful no one will know what they are holding inside them that can change how we are all living for the better,” said McClellan of the opportunity given to him through the Steering for Success program.
Steering for Success is a workforce development program that helps individuals with the steps to purchase, finance, insure and repair a car. Individuals are provided guidance throughout the purchasing process and are provided ongoing financial coaching with a certified credit counselor after the purchase is completed.

About LifeSpan

LifeSpan, founded in 1945, serves clients from Butler, Warren and Hamilton Counties by offering innovative, cost-effective programs for individuals, families, groups and schools.

LifeSpan’s Financial Counseling and Education program helps individuals become financially stable through three core components: Individual Coaching in which individuals work on their money management issues from budgeting to credit issues, including Steering for Success; Comprehensive Financial Workshops presented in partnership with businesses, agencies, nonprofit organizations; and, most recently, Online Financial Education through LifeSpan’s website.


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