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10 Quick Tips for Saving

We have put together our favorite (and sometimes quirky) saving tips.


All of these tips have been tried and have worked for someone on our staff!

These 10 quick tips for saving on a tight budget can help you not only save money but also reduce debt and build your personal wealth!


  1. Track all your spending for two weeks and then reduce spending on just one item. Repeat as often as you are able.
  2. Go to the Missing Money website. Check it every few months; money seems to just keep appearing. One family we know found $16,000 in stocks they did not know their mother had and she had died in 1997.
  3. If you are over 65: file for the Homestead Exemption. Go to your county’s website and file online. The time to do it is NOW! Savings may be in the hundreds (there are income restrictions).
  4. Take a chill month. A chill month is one in which your family spends no extra money at all. Buy enough groceries to last a month. Do not go anywhere and do not have guests over (it costs money to feed them). Just chill with your family; you would be amazed at how much money you will save.

  5. Save select dollar bills. Look on the face of a dollar bill; to the left of George Washington’s picture is a seal with an alphabet letter in it. Choose a letter of the alphabet. Every time you get a dollar bill with that letter on it, save it. Do this for a year and you could pay for a week vacation.
  6. Save all change in your pocket or just save nickels, dimes or quarters. Count it each month and put it in a savings account or save it until a specified occasion such as a birthday. One mother of the groom saved enough dimes in six months to pay for her dress for the wedding.
  7. Limit your trips to the grocery. It is a rare person who can go into the grocery and buy just one item. Grocery shop once a week with a list. Allow yourself three purchases you forgot to include on your list; beyond those three, do without for the week.
  8. Audit your utility bills. Start with your gas and/or electric supplier and move on to every other service you have.

  9. Sell something you no longer use. More and more of us are willing to purchase “used.” There are several different options: eBay, garage sales and local second-hand stores for selling unused household items.
  10. Say goodbye to Starbucks and eating out – or at least a portion. One of us saved over $400 a year by just ordering water instead of coffee or a soft drink.


And if all that does not work; one of our financial coaches can help you create a long-term savings plan.  Remember, a well-thought-out financial plan is a gift you give yourself!

Katie Furniss, MSW, LSW

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