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LifeSpan Representative Payee services provide financial peace of mind for hundreds of clients in the state of Ohio (including Butler County, Warren County, and Hamilton County), regardless of their county of residence.

Our clients live a more stable and worry-free life with all their bills prioritized and paid on time for them, and money is budgeted and issued to the client each week for their personal spending. By making our clients’ needs a priority, we make their lives happier and more manageable.


All LifeSpan Payee Clients Receive…

  • Individualized budgets are set up for each client which prioritizes payment of their rent, utilities, and other basic needs.
  • Personal spending money is issued to each client on a weekly basis. Weekly funds are issued via check or an electronic load of a pre-paid Visa debit card.
  • Extra spending money can be issued to clients upon request. 2 day’s notice is required and receipts are requested for any extra spending issued for over $100.
  • Any remaining money for each client is saved in their account for upcoming emergencies or quality of life needs. We encourage all clients to build an emergency fund of at least $200 for these needs.
  • Electronic record-keeping is maintained for each client and account ledgers are provided to clients upon request which shows all income and expenses for the time period requested.
Social Security Recipients…

  • Some SSI recipients and SSDI recipients are required to have a Representative Payee by the Social Security Administration.
  • If you do not have a friend or family member to serve as Payee, we can provide Representative Payee services for recipients.
  • LifeSpan is a bonded and authorized Social Security organizational payee.
  • We charge the nominal fee allowed by Social Security for organization payee services.

  • As our population ages, some seniors find themselves needing a reliable agency to help them manage their finances.
  • LifeSpan’s Payee services provide financial peace of mind for seniors as their bills are paid automatically each month through our bill payment services.
  • We charge a nominal fee that is set up based on the number of bill obligations that are itemized on the client’s budget.
Individuals Who Desire Bill
Payment Assistance…

  • Our private pay clients are individuals who have come to recognize a need for assistance with their bill-paying obligations.
  • LifeSpan’s Payee services provide financial peace of mind for individuals as their bills are paid automatically each month through our bill payment services.
  • We charge a nominal fee that is set up based on the number of bill obligations that are itemized on the client’s budget.


80% of clients established a minimum of $200 savings!



To begin Representative Payee services, please complete the forms below.


Representative Payee Intake Forms

Representative Payee Information Packets




We do not currently have a waiting list.

Our Representative Payee program serves the entire state of Ohio.

We can also provide Payee services to clients outside the state of Ohio. Our office is located in Hamilton, Ohio but we are able to receive the funds and set up budgets and pay bills of clients just like we do for the clients located in Ohio. The fee would be our normal $43 and we would do all communications with them via phone, e-mail, or mail. Clients would receive a weekly check mailed to them for their spending money…or they could utilize the pre-paid debit card option where their weekly funds would be loaded onto a pre-paid Visa card that they could then use for their personal spending.

Yes, the fee set by Social Security for an organizational Representative Payee is $43 per month or 10% of your income, whichever is less.

For clients not receiving Social Security who are interested in for our bill-paying service; the fee is $50 per month and covers a budget set-up including 15 budgeted items. If more than 15 budgeted items are required, the fee will increase per every five items.

Please call (513) 868-3210 for more specific questions about our service fee.

  • 1) Please print and/or view the information listed under Client Bill of Rights & Responsibilities. This packet explains our services and your rights and responsibilities as a Representative Payee client. This packet is for you to keep and review as needed.
  • 2) If you are interested in Representative Payee services, you have two options. You can either:
  • 2a) Complete the online form listed under Intake Forms which is labeled as Intake Form and then click Submit to send the information electronically to our office. We have a secure website and your information will be securely transmitted to our organization.
  • 2b) Please print and complete the appropriate forms listed under Intake Forms.  The form labeled Intake Form must be completed for all new Representative Payee applicants. Upon completion, you have several options:
    • Mail the form(s) to us; LifeSpan, 1900 Fairgrove Ave., Hamilton, OH, 45011
    • Bring the papers to our office Monday-Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm
    • You may also fax to our office at (513) 868-3249 
  • 3) If you are a first-time payee client (never had payee services with a company or relative), the Physician Form needs to be completed. This form is requested by the Social Security Administration and is listed on our website. Please print a copy of this form and have it completed by your physician and returned to us with your Intake Form; either attached to your electronic submission or included with your paper application.
NOTE: If you have a Guardian, the Letter of Guardianship also needs to be submitted with any Intake Forms received; either attached to your electronic submission or included with your paper application.

Our payee and bill-payment clients do not have to worry about their finances or their bills. All bills are paid on time according to a budget that is set up for each individual client.

We work to establish emergency savings for our clients for life’s unexpected occurrences. We prioritize for the client, keeping their needs set as the top priority. We issue funds to the client each week so that they can see to their needs for personal spending including groceries, etc.

We keep an electronic ledger for each client which shows their current positive balance at any given time. The individual does not need to keep or open an individual checking account. The checks we issue can be cashed free-of-charge at any of the banks where we do business.

Also, we offer the convenience of a pre-paid Visa debit card for personal spending that can be used wherever Visa is accepted. The card can also be used to withdraw cash with no fee at any MoneyPass ATM.

Ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you have a clear budget set up?
  • Are your bills paid on time each month?
  • Are all of your bills current, with no disconnection warnings or double payments due?
  • Do you have any emergency savings?
  • Are you prioritizing your needs over your wants each month?
  • Are you keeping food in the house?
  • Are you buying all of your groceries vs. getting groceries from a free source (food pantry, etc.)?
  • Are you paying cash for things rather than putting a lot of things on credit or writing bad checks?
  • Are you able to think clearly and rationally concerning your spending and bill-paying responsibilities?
  • Is your checking account free of overdraft charges?
  • Is your phone free of collection phone calls?
  • Are you physically and mentally able to write checks and manage a checking account?
If you answered No to any of these questions, you may be in need of financial guidance and support that could be received through our payee services or bill-paying services.

Representative Payee Manager

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