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Melissa’s Success

The following story is being told by Melissa, a Financial Counseling and Education client. LifeSpan is so proud of Melissa, her success, dedication and hard work!


As a single mom with an 11-year-old, son, I am happy to see the impact my new relationship with money is having on my family. Before meeting with Tiffani, I had a paycheck and ‘poof’ it was gone. I had no idea where it was going. Tiffani gave me strategies I can work with.

Just keeping my receipts helped give me an awareness of what I was spending my money on, so I could decide if it was worth it.

Now I can contribute to household expenses. If an expense comes up, I have a plan! I can picture my spreadsheet in my head, and know what I have available and when. So I have an idea of what flexibility I have on my spending plan.

It gives me more ownership of my money.

I pay private school tuition for my son, and now I can help pay more for household expenses. Even my son understands that purchases have to become part of the spending plan. Last year we even built a vacation into the spending plan.

Before I started meeting with my financial coach I received phone calls and letters from collection companies. They made me feel like my money was their money, and they wanted their money from me. My financial coach empowered me. I was able to say, ‘This is my money. I have a plan and this is what I will pay you’, when I spoke with the debt collection companies, and they accepted this!

The biggest surprise: just how empowered I am with my money.

Since her first meeting with financial coach Tiffani, Melissa has rehabilitated her student loans, avoided seizure of her tax refund, and obtained an affordable loan to purchase a new car. Melissa also recently joined other local professionals on a United Way panel for local high school students, sharing her experience of working with a financial coach.


LifeSpan’s certified financial counselors help people develop saving and spending habits that support their financial goals. By teaching proven financial strategies, explaining the financial impact of past decisions, developing a customized action plan, and checking in with our clients on their progress, our financial counselors help people establish routines that support their financial stability and success. Whether it’s paying down debt or saving for unexpected expenses, your work with a financial counselor will help you achieve meaningful results. Our financial counselors can also help you with student loan repayment planning, preparing to purchase a car, and other financial goals.

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