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Top Ten Reasons We Love Leigh Ann

Top Ten Reasons We Love Leigh Ann

In honor of our Care Manager Team Lead, Leigh Ann’s LifeSpAnniversary, we bring you our top ten favorite things about Leigh Ann!  We are so proud to have worked with her these past 20 years! Her compassion, dedication, and artistic skills are just a few reasons why we love her!

10. “Multi, multi, multi-talented, resident computer and Q [program software] geek!”

9. “She reprimands gently, she’s personable and easy to talk with.”

8. “I asked Leigh Ann to paint a special picture for me last year for my brother and sister-in-law. They helped my husband and I do a mini make-over in our backyard. Leigh Ann did a wonderful job and I wrote a letter to Steve and Lorie thanking them and why looking at trees nourish my soul. They put the letter in the back of the painting because they liked it so much. I wanted the gift to be special and Leigh Ann made that happen with the hand-painted pictures of the tree. My letter would not have been enough, but paired with the painting it was perfect!”

7. “LA never loses her cool or shows frustration regardless of how many questions I ask her. And she is the Queen of Q!”

6. “When I first started I remember thinking ‘I’m gonna like this lady’ because her office was filled with plants! She’s my plant and craft lady! She brings so much joy to the office with both of these!”

5. “When I was hired, before my official first day, Leigh Ann sent me an email. She welcomed me to the agency and encouraged me to dress in layers or to wear a jacket, as the office is sometimes cold. I remember thinking how sweet it was for her to go out of her way to make me feel comfortable as a new LifeSpan employee with something as simple as that.”

4. “I met Leigh Ann in 2002 when she and I were a bit younger. Leigh Ann has been like a Polar Star to me…fixed and constant. One must also add talented and fun! LifeSpan would not be the same without her.”

3. “When I was on my crutches (both times), LA was my office neighbor and she would walk me to the kitchen and carry back my coffee and oatmeal for me.”

2. “She’s always willing to listen and help when she can. I also love all of her crafting skills and green thumb!”

1. “Leigh Ann spent HOURS with me finding and printing information for the accreditation. Leigh Ann also trained me on the Q and she was so patient! I know if I have a question on anything, I can go to Leigh Ann. If she doesn’t have the answer, she knows who will! LOVE HER!!”



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