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Jane’s Commitment

Jane, 91, is an active member of the Hamilton community who is passionate about helping children. In 1968, she founded Butler County’s chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Today, she advocates for The Father’s House.

The organization is restoring the Hamilton Children’s Home and working to support foster and adoptive families in the region. Around three years ago, after seeing an ad for The Father’s House in the paper, Jane reached out to the mission, headed by Daryl and Roxann Gunnarson.

“I’ve gotten to know them really well,” Jane said, “I’ve taken people to meet them and encouraged my family to donate to them. You’ve gotta have a couple like Daryl and Roxann who really care to make this project work.”

“She’s been a great advocate for us,” Roxann Gunnarson said. “She speaks about The Father’s House wherever she goes. She is always willing to help in any way. She’s always willing to serve, cook, clean, make cookies, whatever we need.”

Jane has made an impact on those at LifeSpan as well. Christa Riordan, Elderly Services Program Team Lead, said, “Jane is committed to her community and family, is artistic, kind, and has a strong moral compass.”

Jane’s goal is to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible. With the help of the Elderly Services Program, Jane is able to achieve this goal. Through our Consumer Directed Care service, Jane has been able to hire her neighbor Jessie to help with home care.

“This service is one of the smartest things that I’ve heard in a long time,” Jane said. “Why not use a neighbor to help out? Jessie is just my life.”

Jane is also an artist, and has been painting for twenty years now. She has an art show in June at the Knolls of Oxford. Her art will be on display for three months and she will donate the profits from the show to The Father’s House.


Elderly Services Program provides Butler County residents with home-based services that can assist with aging-related challenges and help to ensure continued independence.

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