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Attacking Holiday Debt


The Three Month Plan

If holiday bills are ruining your days more than the miserable weather, try our Three Month Holiday Debt Elimination Plan.

Here is the plan in brief.  Click each month for more details on the month-by-month plan: January, February, and March


  • Develop a tight budget.
  • Put your credit cards away.
  • Return duplicate or unwanted gifts.
  • Sell your unwanted gift cards online.


  • Make February a Chill month; meaning you do nothing that costs money.


  • For many of us, March brings extra income because there are five Fridays.
  • File your income tax and apply that money to your debt.


And if all that does not work; one of our financial coaches can help you create a long-range plan.  Remember, a well-thought-out financial plan is a gift you give yourself!


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