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Attacking Holiday Debt – March

If holiday bills are ruining your days more than the miserable weather, try our Three Month Holiday Debt Elimination Plan.


This is the month to take advantage of “found money.”  If you are paid Fridays for every week or every two weeks, you will have an extra paycheck in March. Apply that extra money to your debt.

File your taxes now. Make sure you take advantage of every deduction available to you and apply as much of that refund as possible to your debt.

Go online to MissingMoney to see if you have unclaimed money out there somewhere. It is amazing how much you may find – often hundreds of dollars.

If you have already become disciplined about your spending, then for some transferring balances to a 0% credit card may be an option. There are some calculations to be done, however. Is the fee to transfer so much that you won’t actually save any money? Will you be able to totally pay off the transferred amount before the interest rate jumps?


And if all that does not work; one of our financial coaches can help you create a long-range plan.  Remember, a well-thought-out financial plan is a gift you give yourself!

Click each month for more details on the month-by-month plan: January and February


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