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Attacking Holiday Debt – February

If holiday bills are ruining your days more than the miserable weather, try our Three Month Holiday Debt Elimination Plan.


February is our Chill Month because it has the least amount of days; making it much easier to achieve your goals!

Our Chill Month is one in which you do absolutely nothing that costs money; applying all the money you save toward your debt. That means stockpiling as much food as you can so you have to do a minimum of grocery shopping.

There will be no:

  • eating out
  • going to movies
  • running to Starbucks
  • or having guests in.

Just curl up in front of the TV and watch old movies. Revel in the amount of money you are saving yourself!


If you are still struggling; one of our financial coaches can help you create a long-range plan.  Remember, a well-thought-out financial plan is a gift you give yourself!

Click each month for more details on the month-by-month plan: January and March


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