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How long do you need to keep specific documents?


2 years

  • Bank reconciliations
  • Deposit slips

3 years

  • Insurance policies (expired)
  • Petty cash vouchers
  • Sales commission reports

7 years

  • Accident reports or claims (settled cases)
  • Canceled checks (see exception below)
  • Contracts, mortgages, notes, and leases (expired)
  • Garnishments
  • Invoices and vouchers
  • Payroll records and summaries
  • Sales records
  • Stocks and bonds certificates (canceled)
  • Withholding tax statements


  • Canceled checks (taxes, purchases of property, etc.)
  • Capital stock and bond records
  • Contracts, mortgages, notes, and leases (still in effect)
  • Correspondence (legal and important matters only)
  • Insurance records, policies, etc.
  • Property appraisals by outside appraisers
  • Property records
  • Retirement and pension records


Remember to shred your documents securely!  Please contact us for any questions regarding how to do so.

The Better Business Bureau put together a similar record retention schedule.


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