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Top Ten Dad Memories

Top Ten Favorite Dad Memories of LifeSpan Employees

10. “Growing up my dad could recite every episode of ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ while nailing the perfect Barney Fife impression.”

9. “My Dad used to referee high school football games in these very small rural towns in Nebraska. Many of the football fields were pastures and he was always stepping and slipping in cow poop!”

8. “When I was a teenager going through a bit of an attitude stage my dad would sing a song he made up: ‘Oh no….Not me….Bernie doesn’t know what to say or do…because oh yes….it’s true….Catherine’s got a bit of CATtitude!’ (My name is Catherine, but I go by Cat). I would hate it but I also couldn’t help but laugh and lose my attitude or my CATtitude.”

7. “My dad used to like to bark like a dog and whistle like a train in our favorite pizza joint in public to ‘How Much is That Doggy in the Window’.”

6. “I have fond memories of my dad breaking into a very awkward ‘Macarena’ dance in front of my friends (and botching the lyrics quite badly).”

5. “While in college, my dad wanted to make sure I had a piece of Wisconsin with me at Christmas time so he would cut down a pine tree and mail it to me in Oxford.”

4. “My dad used to like to come out sporting my mom’s wig when we had company just for fun.”

3. “My dad signed a thank you card to me as ‘Patrick Kelley’ and I was like, Dad, I know who you are. No need to sign your full name….”

2. “One Christmas Eve (dad was Santa for over 40 years), my dad had to walk a horse for approximately. 1 – 2 miles to a home in his Santa suit that included a hairpiece and wig which was always falling in his eyes so could hardly see at times. Dad grew up in the inner city of Philadelphia and had never been near a horse. But there he was, walking that horse uphill in below zero temperatures talking to this horse the whole way asking him to behave and not poop on him! I was right there with him!”

1. “My favorite thing to do when I was really little was pick out the lint of my dad’s belly button.”


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