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Melissa’s Success

The following story is being told by Melissa, a Financial Counseling and Education client. LifeSpan is so proud of Melissa, her success, dedication and hard work!   As a single mom with an 11-year-old, son,…

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Max’s Success

The following story is being told by LifeSpan Guardian, Jennifer, of her client, Maxilee.   When I first met Max she was widowed and had been living alone in her home for over 20 years.…

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Completing the FAFSA

2018-2019 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) There have been changes and with the advent of online filing and an earlier filing date (October 1, 2017), and using taxes from two years ago instead…

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Credit Reports 101

Your credit report is your financial report card. It explains how you pay your bills. Your credit report has four kinds of information: Identifying: Name, address, birth date, social security number, employer Credit: A list…

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How to Create a Household Budget

A budget is your household spending plan. You determine your income and expenses, and then set spending goals for those expenses.   Here are some tips on how to get started with your own household budget:…

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Best Time to Buy Calendar

Best Time to Buy Calendar Plan your purchases for the entire year! January Winter clothes purchases Holiday items Cameras Televisions Furniture Bedding Carpeting Toys Tax filing software February Home theatres Televisions Electronics Humidifiers Valentines and…

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Back to School Savings

Back to College Apartment Living Students living in apartments must complete three actions before moving out: Spot clean the apartment to get the security deposit back. Complete forwarding address papers with the Post Office and…

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File Don’t Pile

File Don’t Pile How long do you need to keep specific documents?   2 years Bank reconciliations Deposit slips 3 years Insurance policies (expired) Petty cash vouchers Sales commission reports 7 years Accident reports or…

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Settling Debt with a Collection Agency

Why should a person consider settling an old debt? Having substantial collection items on your credit report hinders a person’s ability to create wealth. Loans for any item (home, car, business) are either more costly,…

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Medical Debt

According to a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 2014 study, over half of all the debt that appears on credit reports is related to medical expenses. For 15 million consumers, medical debt is the only blemish…

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