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Author: Mary Hurlburt

Elderly Services Program

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Older adulthood should be a time for enjoyment and celebrating much-deserved independence. Sometimes, however, aging creates challenges that can be a barrier to this independence.

For over 20 years, the Butler County Elderly Services Program (ESP) has provided home-based services that can assist with aging-related challenges and help to ensure continued independence. ESP is funded by a countywide tax levy and is administered by the Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio. LifeSpan has partnered with ESP since its inception and provides the Care Management as well as the Intake and Information and Referral for the program.



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On average, services provided by ESP helped to delay nursing home placement by 31 months.

Information and Referral

If you or a loved one are seeking information on services or community resources, please call our Information and Referral line at (513) 868-9281.  LifeSpan’s Information Specialists have over 40 years of combined experience with extensive knowledge of local resources.  Specialists are Community Resource Specialists – Aging/Disabilities. 

Katie Furniss, MSW, LSW

Phone: (513) 868-3210
Toll Free: (888) 597-2751

Coaching & Financial Wellness

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Every day you make financial decisions that affect your life including where and how you spend your money, if you use credit cards, if you pay your rent, mortgage, and bills on time. If some of the financial choices you have made are now causing you concern, LifeSpan can help whether your worries are simple or complex. Every day we work with people who come to us with questions as basic as “How can I create a budget I can live with?” to the more complex, “How can I make sure I have enough saved for retirement?” So whether you have a serious financial problem or just want to make sure you are on the right track, our experienced financial coaches will help you see your options, sort through confusing jargon and create realistic action plans that fit your needs and goals.


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