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How to Plan for Occasional Expenses

Certain major expenses occur throughout the year on an irregular basis. Things like auto insurance premiums or real estate taxes (if you do not escrow) pop up a couple of times each year and can…

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Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities

“The mission of the Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities is supporting people with disabilities and their families to achieve what is important to them. At Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities, we believe the…

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How to Save for Your Vacation

When summer rolls around it is usually time to take that family vacation. It should be a relaxing, fun time for you and your family. One way to have more fun and reduce stress is to plan…

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Jane’s Commitment

Jane, 91, is an active member of the Hamilton community who is passionate about helping children. In 1968, she founded Butler County’s chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Today, she advocates for The Father’s House.…

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Our Veteran, Ernest

The Elderly Services Program is honored to serve our military veterans, including our featured client Ernest White. At 95 years old, Mr. White, a twenty-six year Navy Seal officer, has been with Elderly Services since…

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Planning for Unexpected Expenses

Planning for Unexpected Expenses It is a fact of life that unplanned expenses will happen to all of us. We can plan and budget all we like, but at some point, an unexpected expense will arise…

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Increasing your Income

Increasing your Income Which of these options will help you the most? Keep in mind that some options may have a cost attached to them. For example, if you take a second job, will you…

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Saving without a Dime to Spare

Saving when you do not have a Dime to Spare The power of money is not how much we earn, but what we save.   Here are 10 painless ways to start saving: Start saving.…

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Scams: Social Security Number

Avoid Scams: The IRS will not call you! Start with knowing who can legitimately ask for your Social Security Number. We talk a lot about privacy issues and ways to avoid identity theft. One of…

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Steps for Victims of Identity Theft

12 steps to take when you fall victim to identity theft. Identity thieves can max your credit cards, take out loans, file bankruptcy, and any number of other actions using your name and information. Notify…

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