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Back to School Savings

Sales Tax Holiday Weekend The “holiday” weekend begins Friday, August  4, 2017 at 12 a.m. and ends Sunday, August  6, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.  During this week, the following items are exempt from sales tax:…

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Golden Rules of Saving

10 Golden Rules of Saving on Everything Use these tips and you are guaranteed to spend less on the things you want.   Here are 10 ways to save: Never buy new what you can…

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Financial Tips for College Graduates

Every college graduate faces a long road of challenges.  Getting a good  start with your finances will remove some of those challenges.  Here are some tips to get started: Live as if you will be…

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Set up Automatic Savings

Making the decision to arrange automatic saving takes some of the hard work out of steady saving deposits. Here are some tips to get started:   Every month, have your bank or credit union transfer a…

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10 Quick Tips for Saving

We have put together our favorite (and sometimes quirky) saving tips.   All of these tips have been tried and have worked for someone on our staff!   These 10 quick tips for saving on a…

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Medicare Coverage and Hospital Care

Know your Rights Having a loved one in the hospital is already a stressful event, as caregivers find themselves wanting to be at the hospital to advocate for their loved one while juggling other responsibilities.…

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Can I Afford Care Management for my Loved One

Taking care of your parents or other elderly loved ones is a big responsibility.  Families of elders are constantly balancing the desires of the elder for independence with their own concerns for their loved ones’…

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Steering for Success

Would having a reliable car help you get back and forth to work? The lack of reliable, affordable transportation is one of the most significant barriers for individuals to finding and keeping a job.  In…

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What is a Care Manager?

Do you live in a different city than your elderly loved ones?  Are you worried about making sure they are getting the help they need to stay healthy and safe?  You might want to consider…

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Is Home Care right for me or my loved one

Not everyone ages the same. As we get older, we know there comes a time when we might need some extra care, but how can you decide what type of extra care is right for…

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