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Andrea’s Success

The following story is being told by a School Based Support Services student, Andrea.  LifeSpan is so proud of Andrea, her success, and dedication and the hard work she and her School Based Support Worker have put in.


I was introduced to the School Based Support Worker (SBSW) by my cosmetology instructor in November 2016. I began seeing the SBSW a couple days a week for the first several months. We became close very fast; I trusted her from the start. She was very calm and cared about me.

I was making bad grades and missed a lot of school. I cried a lot and didn’t talk to anybody. The SBSW really listened to me and I could say anything I wanted to. I had so much going on and was totally stressed out. I didn’t think anybody cared about what happened to me or what was going on. I had to help my sisters and brother with homework and cook for them when I got home from school. I didn’t think about myself.

I even came to school tired and hungry. I didn’t eat breakfast and lunch every day because I didn’t have money and my mom would not do the free lunch form. I didn’t even have to tell it to SBSW because she asked me first. She didn’t make me feel bad about it. She really cared. She completed the form and took it to the cafeteria and I was able to eat at school for free.

My SBSW and I created goals and an action plan. I completed tests for depression. I am not “lazy” and “slow” like I have been told I am. I now understand that I am depressed. My SBSW made me an appointment for therapy at my school.

I have completed all of my goals. My grades and attendance improved and I got my first job at Kings Island. I only worked a month and was selected as Employee of the Month. I was asked to apply for a Supervisor position and get a pay raise too.

My cosmetology teacher noticed I changed. I finished my assignments and passed my tests. I made new friends. My English teacher told the SBSW how much I changed. I am finishing my junior year with a GPA of 3.0 and had not missed a day of school for two months. I plan to attend college and become a business manager.


“Although Andrea continues to work through issues at home, she is focused and driven to succeed. She will be getting her driver’s license soon and is saving to purchase her first car.” -Andrea’s School Based Support Worker, May 2017

Although Andrea has moved and no longer attends school at Butler Tech (she moved out of district), she did update her SBSW this past summer to let her know that she did get the supervisor position at King’s Island and has been able to purchase a car.

*The name of our student has been changed to protect her identity.

School Based Support Workers are available on campus every day to help students and families with various needs, including but not limited to stress management, conflict resolution, community referral, Signs of Suicide, and much more.  School Based Support Services are available in the following schools: Butler Tech, Franklin High School, Hamilton High School.

Aquila Beach, MSW, LSW

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