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Can I Afford Care Management for my Loved One?

care_management_lovedoneTaking care of your parents or other elderly loved ones is a big responsibility.  Families of elders are constantly balancing the desires of the elder for independence with their own concerns for their loved ones’ safety and well-being.  Added to the stress is the worry about costs.  You may be wondering if you can afford care management for your loved one?  The answer is, it depends.

What You Need to Consider in Choosing Elder Care

One size does not fit all in choosing care for a loved one who is aging or disabled.  Moreover, the decision of what kind of care may change as the elder ages.  Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Can the elder remember and follow through with plans?
  • Is the elder able to take care of all daily personal needs without help?
  • What kind of assistance does the elder need with housework or yard work?
  • Can the elder take care of finances by themselves or do they need help?
  • Is the elder able to prepare healthy, nutritious meals?
  • Can they safely use kitchen equipment and clean up after themselves?
  • Does the elder need help with taking medications correctly?
  • What sort of transportation needs does the elder have for going shopping or to doctor’s appointments?
  • How much assistance can family and friends provide?

Options and Costs of Elder Care

There are several options for elder care in Ohio. Before you decide what is best for your loved one, you need to consider your choices.  Here are the current costs and options as reported by the Ohio Department of Aging:

  • Nursing Home Care: When a loved one needs constant medical attention or regular supervision with medication or personal daily care, nursing home care is often considered.  In Ohio, the median cost of nursing homes is $5,000 a month.
  • Assisted Living: In 2015, the average cost for an elder to be in assisted living was $3,890 a month.  In bigger cities, the cost is higher, and if your loved one needs Alzheimer’s care, there will be an additional fee of at least $1,000 a month.
  • Adult Day Care:  For elders who live with someone that can help them at night and on weekends, Adult Day Care can be an option that gives caregivers a break or allows them to continue working.  Adult Day Care averages $55 a day in Ohio with a range from $50 to $75.
  • Home Care: In Ohio, non-medical home care services were an average of $19 an hour in 2015, although urban areas may be higher.  How much home care would cost depends on how many hours a week your elderly loved one would need services.

The Truth of the Costs of Elder Care

The truth is that caring for the needs of an elderly loved one is going to be costly.  The question to be asked is how you can best spend your money. The complexity of each elder’s needs makes it confusing for families to sort through the options and choose the best one.  Moreover, sometimes the highest cost is not the money spent but the time and stress of the choices.

How Care Managers Can Be Cost Effective

A Care Manager can be cost-effective because they can help you to make the best choices and provide support for a family in caregiving.

 A Care Manager can save a family money by making sure they choose the most cost effective option which will meet the elder’s needs.

In addition, Care Managers can recognize signs that suggest an elder needs additional services such as Meals on Wheels or help with showering, and thus averting a fall or medical situation which might require expensive hospitalization or nursing home care.

How a Care Manager Can Help Your Family

Elder care is a complex area and it can be hard to know what is best for your elderly loved one.  In addition, the emotions involved in helping an elder can make it difficult to be objective in evaluating your options.  Care Managers are experts in all of the options for elder care in Ohio.  Having helped hundreds of elders and their families, they can identify the best options for your particular situation.

You have been entrusted with caring for a loved one. A Care Manager can help you to handle that responsibility and help you make the best decisions possible.

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